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Safety Procedures

A Gateway to the Food Economy

It costs an average of $250,000 to open a restaurant. This huge financial barrier has prevented thousands of talented cooks from becoming food business owners. As a result, many neighborhoods lack access to economic opportunities and affordable, healthy food.

How much does it cost to permit your home restaurant? $0!

PlateHero is the only legal online marketplace for home cooked food. Our community of home cooks and diners is pioneering this grassroots movement to bring home cooked food as a legal food option in all neighborhoods. Join our network as the word spreads and people change the way they eat!

Ensuring a Great Experience

At PlateHero, we strive to create memorable and positive food experiences for all of our users. Your health and well being are paramount to us and we are committed to providing a safe and trusted marketplace for customers.  In order to be accepted to the Plate's network, each cook must provide proof of food safety training and submit photos of his kitchen along with his ID to be submitted as an accredited and verified chef. If the chef is verified, can be seen in his badge section.

Plate Hero Home Kitchen Inspection
Review quality processes, expectations, & training on-site with each cook.

Every cook is verified by one of our Cook Support team members and goes through a multi-step vetting processes, which includes: a face-to-face interview, in-home inspection, live cooking demonstration and taste test of sample dishes.

During the cooking demonstration, one of our Safety and Trust team members observes and reviews the cook’s meal preparation and cooking process from start to finish, to ensure compliance with general food safety guidelines. We are continually committed to providing quality meals to community members through clean, safe, and responsible methods.

Customer Reviews are Invaluable
Ratings help cooks improve their process & dishes.

We hold our cooks to a very high standard, and we ask you to do the same. Customer reviews are incredibly important for our service and we value your input. Your reviews help improve our processes and provide valuable and useful feedback to the cooks. We encourage you to leave a personal review of the cook and evaluate every meal on several standards, such as quality of the meal, portion size and overall satisfaction with the service. This allows our cooks to adjust their meals or process accordingly, and provide an even better experience on your next order. Of course we also love when you brag about us – so keep those love letters coming too!

We are confident you will enjoy every step of your experience with Plate Hero and fill up your tummies with delicious, authentic home cooked meals.  Of course, please don’t hesitate to reach out to us if you have questions about your order or the PlateHero process… we are always ready to chat!  Email us at: